Sunday, November 8, 2009

Baby Bumble Bee.

For Ella's first Halloween she was a baby bumble bee.

After all the work planning the costume, getting her in it and taking pictures, she feel asleep before the ward party! So, we had a sleeping baby all night.

Oh well, I am already planning next year! I am stealing an idea from a friend... The Devil Wears Prada. I am going to dress her in a little devil outfit and use rhinestones to spell out Prada on her top. Hehehe... only eleven more months!

Pumpkin patch.

The day before Halloween, Cam and I went with some friends to a local pumpkin patch. Of course we know that babies don't have any clue what is going on...

We just really wanted to go through the corn maze and go to the petting zoo without looking we have to bring the babies!

Ella and Cam in the baby pumpkin patch.
(Please note Ella's Halloween outfit! Yes, I had her in an orange tutu.)

We went to the petting zoo...quickly.
Too many germs; those things spit!

The boys and the babies navigating through the corn maze.

Family Pic.

Ella's first time eating oatmeal.

Ella LOVES oatmeal!

I gave Ella oatmeal the first day the doctor gave me the green light... and boy, did she love it. Seriously, she was grunting. (She gets that from Cam!)

Here are a couple of pics from the first oatmeal experience. Enjoy! She sure did!

Utah trip.

A few weeks ago, Cam and I had the opportunity to take Ella up to Utah for the first time. We were finally able to introduce her to Cam’s extended family. It was such a blast to have Grandma and Grandpa Jackman and Cam's siblings around to play with Ella.

Day one - We took Ella to Sundance for a picnic lunch.
It was so beautiful there with all the leaves changing colors.

Cam teaching Ella how to walk.

Day two - Visiting Grandma Hatch & Temple Square.

That night, Cam's parents had all of the extended family over to meet Ella.

Day three - One of my most favorite places...Park City!!

Why do I love Parky City you ask? The yummy restaurants!

Day four - Ella Meet Brigham!
Reminding Ella that the Jackmans bleed blue!