Wednesday, September 9, 2009

A Little Californiacation.

First annual "Friends Trip!" Last week we went to San Diego with our friends... the May's and the Hill's.

Our first night there we went to Sea Port Village. Lots of fun stores and yummy food! We noticed one thing at Sea Port Village... lots of people working out. Lots of guys running around with no shirts on. Haha... nice dinner entertainment.

On our first full day in California we went to Del Mar Beach. The babies did so great at the beach all day.

My little bikini baby!

Cute family pic.

Notice Ella's Pike Position.

My happy baby! She LOVES the beach.

Ella playing with dad.

Hanging out in the shade.

On our last day at the beach we all went to Solana Beach. There was almost NO ONE there. We had the beach to ourselves! It was awesome.


We had to move these tents so many times to stay in the shade.

Easton getting a little flirty with Ella.

Easton getting A LOT flirty with Ella.


Blake's hungry!